Family Portraits, Newborns & Cake Smash Shoots



Maternity photography can sometimes be overlooked, with so much going on and planning for the new baby, those final few months fly by. But to be able to take a little bit of time just for the mum-to-be and her beautiful bump is just amazing.

For 9 months when you're pregnant you are never alone, your baby is always with you and those little (sometimes big) kicks and hiccups are a lovely daily reminder that they're there.


Maternity photography is the perfect way to remember your beautiful baby bump and the first step in this life changing journey.



Family photography is so important, it makes a house feel like a home and reminds you of wonderful memories that you and your children can look back on in years to come.


We believe that family photography should capture more than just how you look. It should tell your families' story and show all of the incredible emotions that come when you have children. From the awe of meeting your new baby, to the overwhelming love and pride you feel as they grow and their little personalities start shining through.


These emotions and your families connection can only be truly seen in the unscripted moments within a family photography session. Those moments when you feel totally at ease and are able to be completely yourselves.



Newborn photos are best suited for babies aged up to 3 weeks. They're a wonderful way to capture how tiny, curly and sleepy newborn babies are at this age.

Baby photography is so important, I bet you're sitting there right now wondering how your little newborn has grown so quickly, and it's true because in that first year your baby changes more than they ever will again.


I adore the newborn baby stage, but as they grow and you start to see their little personalities emerge, well there's absolutely nothing better. They are also sitting on their own which is super cute and shows off all their baby rolls.



A cake smash is such a fun way to celebrate and mark your babies 1st birthday.


Although originally a fun trend in the US, cake smash photography is now hugely popular in the UK.

Well it's a lot like baby sensory really, but rather than letting them loose with paints or play dough, they're presented with a delicious birthday cake.

Some get really into the spirit of the cake smash and get stuck in, while others gently prod the icing and delicately nibble. Either way you'll love seeing their individual personalities shine through when they're presented with the yummy birthday cake.
Sleepy Baby



Capturing the moments from the start

At Clove & Co we specialise in capturing the precious moments that you wanna be able to keep for a life time. We preserve it from the start. We love to work with families and kiddos.